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Welcome to our latest series, Bible Snacks, your Spiritual fast-food spot. Perfect for a quick Spiritual boost.

‘Bible Snacks’ are shorter than Bible lessons with only a few scriptures and very short definitions. They were created to allow you to feed your Spirit during your work breaks.

Spend 5 minutes or less to satisfy your Spirit. When you desire/need more, please visit Bible LessonsBible Topic Series, or Bible Study Collection.

The people in Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica. They were so glad to hear the message Paul told them. They studied the Scriptures every day to make sure that what they heard was really true. Acts 17:11 (ERV)

I encourage you to be like the Bereans, and study the Scriptures to make sure what you hear/have heard is the truth. Do not allow yourself to be misled. Make sure your pastor/teacher is teaching the truth using the word of God and led by the Spirit.

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