Treasure, Praise, Love, And Respect God At All Times

Treasure, praise, love, and respect God at all times because he is worth it! Lord, I treasure you in good times. And I praise you in hard times. I love you in troubled times. But most of all, I respect you at all times!

Created: Sunday, February 5, 2023

Treasure, Praise, Love, And Respect God At All Times

"Treasure God in good times. Praise God in hard times. Love God in troubled times. Respect God at all times." for the treasure, praise, love, and respect god bible snack

STM Bible Snack – Treasure God

My child, you must follow and treasure my teachings and my instructions. Proverbs 2:1 (CEV) [read Proverbs 2:1-9 (1)].

Isaiah 33:6 (ICB)
The Lord will be your safety. He is full of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Respect for the Lord is the greatest treasure. [Read Isaiah 33:1-9 (6)]
Matthew 6:21 (REMEDY) – God or earthly things?
For whatever you treasure the most is what holds the devotion of your heart, and it is where you will want to be.” [Read Matthew 6:19-21 (21) and Luke 12:22-34 (34)].

Praise God

All you people of the earth, sing to the Lord. Day after day tell about how he saves us. 24 Tell the nations about his glory. Tell all people about the wonderful things he has done. 25 The Lord is great. He is really worthy of praise. People should have respect for him as the greatest God of all. 1 Chronicles 16:23-25 (NIRV) [read 1 Chronicles 16:7-36 (23-25)]

Lord, you are worthy of praise. I praise you for your merciful kindness and for your faithfulness. My Lord, you are great; you put on human flesh and died for us; so I praise you for your love.

Psalm 47:6 (The Voice)
Sing! Shout! Play instruments! Praise our God and King; sing praises to Him who is worthy. [Read Psalm 47:5-7 (6)].

Love God

If we truly love God, our sins will be forgiven; if we show him respect, we will keep away from sin. Proverbs 16:6 (CEV)

1 John 2:5 (EASY)
But anyone who obeys God’s message shows that he really loves God completely. So this is how we know that we belong to God. [Read 1 John 2:3-11 (5)].
1 John 5:3 (NIRV)
In fact, here is what it means to love God. We love him by obeying his commands. And his commands are not hard to obey. 1 John 5:1-5 (3)].

Respect God

A sinner might do a hundred evil things and still live a long time. But I know that it is still better to obey and respect God. Ecclesiastes 8:12 (ERV) [read Ecclesiastes 8:10-17 (12)].

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 (ERV)
Now, what should we learn from everything that is written in this book? The most important thing a person can do is to respect God and obey his commands, because he knows about everything people do—even the secret things. He knows about all the good and all the bad, and he will judge people for everything they do. [Read Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 (13-14)].
1 Timothy 4:7 (PEV)
Don’t take any notice of those silly stories that are not true, stories that lie about God. But instead, train yourself to respect God and take notice of him. [Read 1 Timothy 4:6-11 (7)].

At All Times

Because the Lord is great; he should be praised at all times [or with vigor]. He should be honored [is awesome; should be feared] more than all the gods, Psalm 96:4 (EXB) [read Psalm 96:1-6 (4)].

I will honor the Lord at all times. His praise will always be in my mouth. 2 My soul will be proud to tell about the Lord. Let those who suffer hear it and be filled with joy. 3 Give great honor to the Lord with me. Let us praise His name together. Psalm 34:1-3 (NLV)

I encourage you to honor the Lord, i.e., to treasure, praise, love, and respect God at all times. I pray that you have enjoyed and will make the most of this Bible snack. Blessings to you and your loved ones— Tim. ☺

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Question for ‘Treasure, Praise, Love, And Respect God At All Times’: Do you honor the Lord at all times?

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