God Forgives You, To Be Forgiven, You Must Forgive

picture for the god forgives you bs

God forgives you – He excuses, overlooks or clears, absolves, pardons and releases another allowing for their sins (crimes, flaws, and errors). God loves you.

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Thief Part 2; What Can the Devil Steal From a Child of God?

Picture of beautiful lady watching waves for the thief part 2 bs 1 John 5:18

The devil is not the thief that comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). This false teaching is an insult to our heavenly Father. Jesus protects us.

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Sound Truth Ministry Graphic Summary

image of sound truth ministry difference

A Different Type of Ministry Do you feel like you have to pay to learn about God? “Buy my new book, DVD series, sermon”. “Join us at our next conference for only $$$”. Or “become a partner” by donating…” “Don’t rob God…pay your tithe – [a horrible misuse of Malachi…

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Graphic Word

Graphic word 1 – Law to Grace Jesus Christ performed the transition from the “Mosaic” Law  (used to govern the “Hebrews”, “the Children of Israel [aka Israelites]” or “the Jews”) to Grace (used to govern the “Church”, “the Children of God”, or “Born again believer”). For when the priesthood is…

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