Adultery: 5 Helpful Studies to Make You Want to Avoid Adultery

picture of sky and clouds for the adultery bs Mark 7:21-23

Adultery is an extremely destructive sin. At least three people suffer pain as a result. Do not miss the 5 studies to help you avoid being one of them.

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Slander – An Act of Hate and Not of Love

picture for slander - early moon with palm trees

Slander is saying false, harmful and damaging things about another person intended to smear their character or status. Slander is an act of hate not love.

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Gossip – Your Words Helpful and Good?

picture for gossip - bloodmoon eclipse

Gossip in the body of Christ is not new, I hope you understand, it is a sin when it is not helpful and good. Wicked gossip hurts and causes damage to all.

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Backbiting is a Backstabber and Does Not Show Love; Is That Christ-like?

picture of pismo beach, ca for the backbiting bible study

Backbiting is a destructive and damaging sin, don’t be a backbiter / backstabber, use self-control to take control of the things you say about others.

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Pride – Arrogance and Conceit

picture for pride - clouds over arkansas

Pride boasts about and takes credit for what one has, what one has done, how one looks and / or what one knows without acknowledging God as the source.

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Jealous or is it Envy; Does it Really Matter?

picture for jealous - monterey, ca

A jealous person is not happy with what they have. If they do not change their future is grim. Use self-control, Godly wisdom, and be happy with your life.

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Sedition in the Church; Is God Pleased with Division?

picture for sedition - bloodmoon 4-4-2015

It be wonderful if the body of Christ could drop sedition/division/dissension, be of one mind, have a common / united purpose and stand firm in the truth.

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Animosity – Get Rid of It

picture for animosity - alum rock park, san jose, ca

Animosity is violent hatred; active, intense hostility; open enmity. Get rid of hatred/enmity before it grows into animosity, a quality not pleasing to God.

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Greed – God’s Children Should Not Be Greedy, Are You?

picture for greed - morgan hill

Greed should not be part of the Christian character. God has promised His obedient children an inheritance that will last forever. Do not lose yours…

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