Spirit-led, Spirit-fed, That Old Sinful Life is Now Dead

picture of inland empire sunset for the spirit led bible lesson

The Benefits of Being Spirit-led and Spirit-fed – Victorious Living Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Galatians 5:25 Live a Spirit-led life Galatians 5:25 If the Holy Spirit is living in us, let us be led by Him in all things. (NLV) Do you live a Spirit-led and Spirit-fed life? In …

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Love Yourself: Learn to Self-love in a Good Way

picture of white clouds for the love yourself bl matthew 22:39

To love yourself is not being selfish, if you… Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Matthew 22:39 Love others also Matthew 22:39 A second one, similar to it is [Leviticus 19:18], ‘You must love your neighbor the same way that you love yourself.’ (AUV) Ironically, most do not see the primary …

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Older Men – 6 Points on Being Senior Godly Men

picture of bishop pettiford and sunny day for the older men titus 2:2 bible lesson

Older Men: Man-up in Godly Ways Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Titus 2:2 Sound teaching for aged or older men Titus 2:2 Teach that the older men should be soberly clear minded [not drunk], dignified [i.e., respectable], and self-controlled — sound in faith, love, and patient endurance. (OEB) My elder …

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Let God Take Care of Your Worries and Concerns

picture of awesome sunset for take care bl

God Will Take Care of You Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Psalm 55:22 Message in the picture: “I think of you often. You are in my thoughts. You are in my prayers, but most of all, you are in God’s care” Psalm 55:22 Give your burdens to the Lord, and …

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The Holy Spirit Bible Lesson; 2 Valuable Truths You Should Know

picture of waterfall for the holy spirit bible lesson

The Holy Spirit Bible Lesson Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Ephesians 4:1-6 One Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God Ephesians 4:3-6 Work hard to live together as one by the help of the Holy Spirit. Then there will be peace. 4 There is one body and one Spirit. There is …

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Believe That the Lord Can Do Whatever You Need

picture of cloud/blue sky for the believe bible lesson

Believe in Jesus Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Matthew 9:28 Do you believe? What an interesting question, ‘Do you believe that I am able to do this?’. No matter what you need, the question is, do you have faith in Jesus? Matthew 9:27-31 Jesus left that place and walked along …

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Follow Me – 3 Simple Keys for True Followers of Jesus

picture of cloudy sky for the follow me bible lesson

If you want to be a true follower of Jesus, do as He asks. Be prepared to make sacrifices as you obey God. You will get your reward if you follow His example.

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By Faith Watch Your Faith Work in Jesus Name

wide picture of foot steps on pavement for by faith lesson

By Faith Watch Your Faith Work in Jesus Name Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Acts 3:16 Acts 3:16 By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has given this …

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Forgive Yourself – If God Forgave You Why Can’t You Forgive You?

picture of guilt-ridden tim pettiford for the forgive yourself bible lesson

Forgive Yourself – If God Forgave You Why Can’t You Forgive You? Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Psalm 32:1-2 God forgave you! Psalm 32:1-2 Our God, you bless everyone whose sins you forgive and wipe away. 2 You bless them by saying, “You told me your sins, without trying to …

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How Faith Can Help Give You a Better Life

picture of blue sky with clouds for the better life bible lesson

Know that faith in Jesus Christ gives you hope of a better life that never ends. Your salvation is the purpose / goal of faith; by faith endure all things.

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