Forgive Yourself – If God Forgave You Why Can’t You Forgive You?

picture of guilt-ridden tim pettiford for the forgive yourself bible lesson

Forgive Yourself – If God Forgave You Why Can’t You Forgive You? Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: Psalm 32:1-2 God forgave you! Psalm 32:1-2 Our God, you bless everyone whose sins you forgive and wipe away. 2 You bless them by saying, “You told me your sins, without trying to …

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How Faith Can Help Give You a Better Life

picture of blue sky with clouds for the better life bible lesson

Know that faith in Jesus Christ gives you hope of a better life that never ends. Your salvation is the purpose / goal of faith; by faith endure all things.

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Adultery: 5 Helpful Studies to Make You Want to Avoid Adultery

picture of sky and clouds for the adultery bs Mark 7:21-23

Adultery is an extremely destructive sin. At least three people suffer pain as a result. Do not miss the 5 studies to help you avoid being one of them.

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Obey God Not People; You Will Never Regret It

picture of pacific ocean beach for obey god bible lesson

The apostles did not regret their decision to obey God. Do you follow God or people? The choice is yours; choose to obey God, you will never regret it!

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You Can’t Afford to be Bored with God’s Word

picture of bible for god's word bible lesson

You Can’t Afford to be Bored with God’s Word Sound Truth Ministry Bible Lesson: 2 Timothy 3:16 Message in the picture: You can’t afford to be bored with God’s word – it is life – study it-live it God’s word boring? Have you ever felt like God’s word, the Bible, …

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Agape Love; the Genuine Love of God is True Love

picture of Waikiki sunset for the agape love Bible study

If you do not have the Holy Spirit, you do not have agape love. Agápē is the only form of love gifted by God (to those who have faith in Him).

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Respect God; It is Absolutely Good Advice For Life

picture of ie landscape for respect god bs

If you believe the Lord is supreme and our creator. Then you have many reasons to respect God. He is to be feared and revered / respected; do you agree?

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Gentleness; Learn How to Use This Godly Quality Better

picture of double rainbow over San Bernardino for the gnetleness bible study

Gentleness A Godly Quality The Gentleness of Love Colossians 3:12-15 So, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; 13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord forgave you, …

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Faithfulness in the Time of Little Faith in God

picture of dry river with mountains for the faithfulness bible study

Faithfulness is the constant active belief and trust in God without doubt. It is being firm in faith. Doing what you must to please God.

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Heaven – The Best God Has For You Is Yet To Come

picture of sunny blue sky for the heaven word for the day

The best that God has for us, heaven, is yet to come. Child of God Jesus has prepared a place for you. Some day we will join Him in our heavenly home.

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