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Our video ministry will vary from fun videos to serious spiritual videos. Too often we (ministers) present a one dimension image. I am guilty; most people who know me were surprised to see me act out of character. Please accept my apologies to all that see me as a serious-only or religious type of person that does not have other traits. The truth is I am just as human as anyone; I can act silly (a very rare side of me) and laughter is one side that many have witnessed. One of my many talents is acting; I smile as I imagine the response of many as they viewed “Introducing Tim”. This video caught even my closest relatives and associates by surprise.

God fully equipped me for our video ministry and I am grateful that He did; I managed a recording studio in San Jose circa 1982-1984. Around the same time I feel in love with photography; another story that will unfold later. Somehow I also became fascinated with web design, software programming, video and audio editing. Combining the studio experience and other passions with the actor part of me made this an easy task.

First Videos

I created the first set of videos (without a script and uncut) on February 11, 2014 for a few reasons:

  1. to test our video equipment and software.
  2. for fun and to break the ice.
  3. to show the different sides of the Bishop (me)

Please enjoy!

Introducing Tim – part I

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • The Bishop
  • Deacon Run An’ Tellit
  • The Professor
  • Mr. Logic
  • Elder Matter of Fact
Introducing Tim – part II

Spoken Word

Goto for the complete bible study, you don’t want to miss it!

Coming Soon!

Video ministry added to ‘Daily Word’. The spiritual videos will be ‘Visual Word’ (video and audio) is our next venture following ‘Graphic Word’ and ‘Daily Word’. Once again we remind you that Daily Word will resume, Sunday, June 4, 2014. Our plan is to add one form of spiritual videos to each ‘Daily Word’ to enhance the message and help draw more attention to the bible lesson found within the daily message.

Video Ministry

We are excited about the video ministry and pray that they will bless you as God desires.


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