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Introducing T and T
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“T&T Making a difference one life at a time”

Where we met

We met on May 7, 2006 at Buca di Beppo (Oakridge Mall) in San Jose, CA, became friends, found that we loved each other unconditionally, thoroughly enjoyed each others company and did not want to spend the rest of our lives JUST being a part of each other’s lives.

The proposal

I proposed to her November 22, 2010 during a flight layover at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport; she was on her way to Arkansas), we went to one of her favorite spots the beach, (Dockweiler State Beach, 12501 Vista Del Mar, CA to be exact). While sitting observing the waves and enjoying the sea breeze, I proceeded to tell her how much I missed her (now that I am living in {Southern California} and she was still in San Jose). Before I knew it I asked her if she would consider becoming my wife, to my delight she said “yes “.

Since this was not planned I did not have an engagement ring, but determined to select the right ring(s) for her and place it (the engagement ring) on her finger before she returned to San Jose. Fortunately, on December 9, 2010, she arranged to have another layover (2 hours) at LAX en route to San Jose. Upon arrival, she had to immediately board a shuttle that would take her to the next departure gate located in the middle of the airport with NO external public access and that her flight will be departing soon. … to be continued.


From the projects to Silicon Valley by FAITH, no degree (6-time college drop-out). Striving to fulfill my purpose in life “liberating God’s people” with sound truth. Looking forward to seeing you at http://stministry.com

Born in 1952, I consider myself very blessed to have lived a full life, overcoming and enjoying many experiences in what I consider the three most significant areas of life, Personal, Professional, and Spiritual.

I am a fully recovered drug addict/dealer (cleaned up overnight from a $200 heroin/illicit drug/alcohol addiction via faith and prayer) who did many things in the past that I now use to minister to others since 1977. A Vietnam era veteran, retired computer engineering executive, computer geek (web and graphic design, programmer, consultant and analyst), husband, father and grandfather, minister, amateur photographer, artist, musician, vocalist, instructor/teacher, chef…


I will tell my story eventually 🙂

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