What’s New – December 2014

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What’s new for December 2014

We approach the completion of our first year for stministry.com with good news and not so good. The not-so-good news: after careful review, we decided to close one of our sister sites tandtpettiford.com. The decision is mostly due to lack of time to properly support the site; the closure will take effect on Dec 31, 2014.

We thank all the T&T supporters and want to assure you that the main content will not be lost. Please know that you are welcome to enjoy what T&T brought to the Internet here with us at Sound Truth Ministry.

The good news: we are in the process of transferring certain content from tandtpettiford.com to stministry.com. You might have noticed the new T and T link in addition to Chez Gordy and two recipes ‘fruit jam’ and ‘whole grain waffles’.

Soon we will add pages for TP Photography and T&T Dezignz (responsible for all photos and graphic dezignz used on STMinistry.com and AnnSimplyDelicious.com). So join us in welcoming T&T!

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Bishop Pettiford

Welcome to a different type of ministry; we are primarily internet-based, we NEVER ask for MONEY for anything we do. We are faith-based and solely rely on God to give what we need. Your attention and time to check what we freely give is all we ask of you and that you be blessed by this ministry.

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