Your Hope – God’s Grace Brings Eternal Life

Picture of waterfall at the beach for the “your hope” bible lesson

Put your hope in God because He is loving, faithful, and able to save you! What do you hope for? STM Bible Lesson 1 Peter 1:13 So, gather your thoughts together for action, take control of yourselves and focus your hope completely on God’s unearned favor [grace], which will be…

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Spirit-led, Spirit-fed, That Old Sinful Life is Now Dead

Picture of a rainbow for the spirit-led bible lesson Romans 8:14

There are benefits to being Spirit-led and Spirit-fed. It will lead to victorious living. STM Bible Lesson Live a Spirit-led life Galatians 5:25 If we live by the [guidance of the] Holy Spirit, we should also walk in [the ways of] the Holy Spirit. (AUV) Do you live a Spirit-led…

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Heaven – The Best God Has For You Is Yet To Come

graphic for the heaven bible study

The best that God has for us, heaven, is yet to come. Child of God Jesus has prepared a place for you. Some day we will join Him in our heavenly home.

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Inheritance – Is Your Heritage Heaven?

picture for inheritance - beaumont, ca

Child of God, I take great pleasure in telling you that you are an heir of Jesus Christ, if you are obedient to God, you will get your eternal inheritance.

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Freedom from Sin and the Law; You Can Have Liberty Through Jesus

Picture of a park trail for the freedom bible study Romans 8:13

Why continue in sin after being set free? You can live free from sin through Christ. Exercise your freedom, but obey God’s word 1st and then governing laws.

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Repentance – Required For Salvation

picture for repentance - field in san jose, ca

Jesus said “Those who are healthy have no need for a physician, but those who are sick do … I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

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Christian Life; A Life in Christ Full of Love

Picture of a Cali beach for the Christian life bible study

Living a Christian life is worth every struggle and hardship. Know that you are part of a Spiritual family that has an inheritance of eternal life; love it!

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Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God; It is Your Spiritual Birth

Picture of a colobus monkey for the born again bible study John 3:6

No one is born again or enters God’s kingdom without getting the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit). You must be born again; your eternal life depends on it.

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God Will Forgive You, Now Don’t Worry Be Happy

Picture of lake in the park for the god will forgive you bs Luke 6:37

God forgives those that repent. It does not matter what you have done, He knows what is in your heart and understands your desire to live for Him.

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Changed Life; Have You Absolutely Changed For the Good?

photo of bridge in park for changed life matthew 3:8 nirv

Have you had a changed life experience? When we receive the indwelling Spirit of God we are given the power to make life changes in many ways; learn how.

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