Celebrate Jesus At All Times Not Just On Special Days

picture of laguna beach for really celebrate jesus

Do you really celebrate Jesus on December 25? He said nothing about celebrating His birth. Jesus did tell us to take communion; honoring His death.

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Peace – Live Free From Worry in the Peace and Joy of the Holy Spirit

Picture of puffy clouds for the peace bible study

Peace from God’s Spirit is a result of your faith. Those born again have The Creator of all things living within. No other peace compares to this; does the thought of this bring you peace?

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Patience from God Will Help You Endure Life Troubles and Live Forever

Picture of a fountain at the park for the patience bible study James 1:4

Patience allows us to go through all things with genuine joy. It teaches us to wait on the Lord and not act or react too soon. Do you have Godly patience?

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Kindness – Be Kind – Fruit of the Spirit

Picture of Molokai from Napili-Honokowai, HI for the kindness Bible study

Kindness is goodwill. It is an act done gladly to ease the sorrows of people in need. Kind (Godly) people find joy in giving to supply the needs of others.

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Joy from the Spirit; Now Make Heaven Your Hope

Picture of lake in echo park for the joy bible study John 16:22

Spiritual joy is a lasting joy, a joy based on Spiritual things and our promise of eternal life in heaven. Children of promise, find joy in the Lord.

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Christian Life; A Life in Christ Full of Love

Picture of a Cali beach for the Christian life bible study

Living a Christian life is worth every struggle and hardship. Know that you are part of a Spiritual family that has an inheritance of eternal life; love it!

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True Worship – Pleasing God

Picture of sunset at the creek for the true worship bs

Is true worship of God merely attending church services regularly? Doing good, paying tithes and giving offerings? What does God say about true worship?

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Understanding God’s Word – It Is the Best Life Coach

picture of burial site for the understanding god's word bs

Understanding God’s word helps us get to know God better. In order to know God better we must understand and live by His Word and Holy Spirit.

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