Sedition in the Church; Is God Pleased with Division?

picture for sedition - bloodmoon 4-4-2015

It be wonderful if the body of Christ could drop sedition/division/dissension, be of one mind, have a common / united purpose and stand firm in the truth.

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Animosity – Get Rid of It

picture for animosity - alum rock park, san jose, ca

Animosity is violent hatred; active, intense hostility; open enmity. Get rid of hatred/enmity before it grows into animosity, a quality not pleasing to God.

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Endurance – You Can Go Through Whatever You Are Going Through

picture for endurance - inland empire

Whatever problems or circumstances you face, use endurance, go through it, hold on ’til the end of it. Do not complain or give up, endure and go through it.

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Greed – God’s Children Should Not Be Greedy, Are You?

Picture of resorts and hotels along Kahekili beach for the greed bible study Proverbs 30:15

Greed should not be part of the Christian character. God has promised His obedient children an inheritance that will last forever. Do not lose yours…

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Do Not Give Up Hope God is on Your Side You Can Make It!

Picture of a great beach day for the do not give up bs

Do not give up is a five-part Bible study created for those going through trying times. No matter how hard things are you can make it; God is with you.

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Christian Life; A Life in Christ Full of Love

Picture of a Cali beach for the Christian life bible study

Living a Christian life is worth every struggle and hardship. Know that you are part of a Spiritual family that has an inheritance of eternal life; love it!

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True Worship – Pleasing God

Picture of sunset at the creek for the true worship bs

Is true worship of God merely attending church services regularly? Doing good, paying tithes and giving offerings? What does God say about true worship?

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Unanswered Prayers

picture for unanswered prayers

Unanswered prayers can be the result of many things. When we take a close look at the reasons given in the Bible one key element is sin.

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Spiritual Attitude – “I Can Do” is the Right Mindset

Picture of swimming pool w/palm trees for the spiritual attitude bs

Take on the spiritual attitude of Christ Jesus, act like Him, think and believe like Him. Whatever you are going through, by faith you can go through it.

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Joyful – Endure Your Life Tests and Remain Joyful at All Times

Photo of Hanawi Falls for the joyful Bible study

What does Count it all joy mean? Consider every test of faith a time to show pure joy and a chance to learn to be patient while suffering not giving up.

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