Comfort From God the Source of All Good Comfort

Picture of a garden for the comfort from god Bible study

You may get comfort from many sources. Alcohol, sex, smoking/vaping, or by other means. But you must know that God is the source of all GOOD comfort. So, I urge you to get your comfort from God!

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Fruit of the Spirit – You Are the Light of the World; Let Your Light Shine

Picture of sunset at lake evans, riverside, ca for the fruit of the spirit bible study

The true fruit of the Spirit is unique. Jesus said “By the fruit of their lives you will know them”. Can others see the fruit of the Spirit in your life?

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Slander – An Act of Hate and Not of Love

Picture of dolphin off Newport Beach for the slander bible study

Slander is saying false, harmful and damaging things about another person intended to smear their character or status. Slander is an act of hate not love.

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Inheritance – Is Your Heritage Heaven?

picture for inheritance - beaumont, ca

Child of God, I take great pleasure in telling you that you are an heir of Jesus Christ, if you are obedient to God, you will get your eternal inheritance.

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Gossip – Are Your Words Helpful and Good or Hurtful?

Picture of a sunset for the gossip bible study

Gossip in the body of Christ is not new, I hope you understand, it is a sin when it is not helpful and good. Wicked gossip hurts and causes damage to all.

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Faith Tests Teach You to Endure the Storms of Life, Speak to the Storm

Picture of a wonderful beach day for the faith test bible study James 1:3

Jesus was calm during the storm, “asleep on a pillow”; child of God, are you calm during your stormy faith test like Jesus or afraid like the disciples?

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Unwavering Faith/Hope Learn How to Have Absolutely Solid Trust in God

Picture of waves at the Ke'anae Peninsula for the unwavering faith/hope bs

The word unwavering is a not-so-familiar word; learn to have unwavering hope and faith, without doubting the promises of our faithful Lord and Savior-Jesus.

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Backbiting is Backstabbing and Does Not Show Love; Is That Christ-like?

Picture of a sunset in the canyon for the backbiting bible study

Backbiting is a destructive and damaging sin, don’t be a backbiter / backstabber, use self-control to take control of the things you say about others.

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Freedom from Sin and the Law; You Can Have Liberty Through Jesus

Picture of a park trail for the freedom bible study Romans 8:13

Why continue in sin after being set free? You can live free from sin through Christ. Exercise your freedom, but obey God’s word 1st and then governing laws.

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