Slander – An Act of Hate and Not of Love

Picture of dolphin off Newport Beach for the slander bible study

Slander is saying false, harmful and damaging things about another person intended to smear their character or status. Slander is an act of hate not love.

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Gossip – Are Your Words Helpful and Good or Hurtful?

Picture of a sunset for the gossip bible study

Gossip in the body of Christ is not new, I hope you understand, it is a sin when it is not helpful and good. Wicked gossip hurts and causes damage to all.

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Backbiting is Backstabbing and Does Not Show Love; Is That Christ-like?

Picture of a sunset in the canyon for the backbiting bible study

Backbiting is a destructive and damaging sin, don’t be a backbiter / backstabber, use self-control to take control of the things you say about others.

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Your Words – Destructive or Beneficial

Picture of the Terrace Lagoon, San Diego Zoo for the your words bible study

Be mindful of what you say, make sure your words are beneficial to others and not destructive. A good person’s words will benefit and build-up many people.

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