Your Hope – God’s Grace Brings Eternal Life

Picture of waterfall at the beach for the “your hope” bible lesson

Put your hope in God because He is loving, faithful, and able to save you! What do you hope for? STM Bible Lesson 1 Peter 1:13 So, gather your thoughts together for action, take control of yourselves and focus your hope completely on God’s unearned favor [grace], which will be…

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Better Life Through Christ Leads To Eternal Life With Christ

Picture of a cloudy sky for the better life bible lesson

Know that faith in Jesus Christ gives you hope of a better life that never ends. Your salvation is the purpose/goal of faith; by faith endure all things.

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Heaven – The Best God Has For You Is Yet To Come

graphic for the heaven bible study

The best that God has for us, heaven, is yet to come. Child of God Jesus has prepared a place for you. Some day we will join Him in our heavenly home.

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Patience from God Will Help You Endure Life Troubles and Live Forever

Picture of a fountain at the park for the patience bible study James 1:4

Patience allows us to go through all things with genuine joy. It teaches us to wait on the Lord and not act or react too soon. Do you have Godly patience?

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Unwavering Faith/Hope Learn How to Have Absolutely Solid Trust in God

Picture of waves at the Ke'anae Peninsula for the unwavering faith/hope bs

The word unwavering is a not-so-familiar word; learn to have unwavering hope and faith, without doubting the promises of our faithful Lord and Savior-Jesus.

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Testing – Pass the Faith Tests; Is Your Faith Being Tested?

picture for testing - dana point, ca

Is God testing your faith? Sometimes it seems that all hope is gone and you feel like giving up. Hold on, endure the testing of your faith and be blessed.

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Endurance – You Can Go Through Whatever You Are Going Through

picture for endurance - inland empire

Whatever problems or circumstances you face, use endurance, go through it, hold on ’til the end of it. Do not complain or give up, endure and go through it.

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Do Not Give Up Hope God is on Your Side You Can Make It!

Picture of a great beach day for the do not give up bs

Do not give up is a five-part Bible study created for those going through trying times. No matter how hard things are you can make it; God is with you.

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Spiritual Attitude – “I Can Do” is the Right Mindset

Picture of swimming pool w/palm trees for the spiritual attitude bs

Take on the spiritual attitude of Christ Jesus, act like Him, think and believe like Him. Whatever you are going through, by faith you can go through it.

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Joyful – Endure Your Life Tests and Remain Joyful at All Times

Photo of Hanawi Falls for the joyful Bible study

What does Count it all joy mean? Consider every test of faith a time to show pure joy and a chance to learn to be patient while suffering not giving up.

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