Diabetic Apple Pie; Better For You Good-Sugar Delight

picture of apple pie for diabetics

Diabetic Apple Pie Are you ready for another ‘diabetes beater’ recipe, enjoy this diabetic apple pie? If you are diabetic, this recipe is a healthy choice and better for you. This pie does not have added sugar only good natural sugars1 from apples and Xylitol2. Hopefully, a phrase like ‘better for…

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Sweet Potato Pie – Diabetes Beater

collage of sweet potato pie

Sweet Potato Pie Are you looking for a sweet potato pie that is good for diabetics? Your search is over. After five years of trial and error; you can enjoy this dessert. It is a safe choice that will please your sweet tooth. The sweet potato, sweetened by nature, contains…

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Diabetes Beater – Whole Grain Waffles

picture of whole grain waffles

Chez Gordy Whole Grain Waffles This recipe for whole grain waffles is my base recipe, I eat this often and swap some of the ingredients to keep it interesting. All ingredients are diabetic friendly and are healthy for most. Ingredients 1 ½ cups – steel-cut oats 1 ½ cups –…

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Diabetes Beater – Fresh Fruit Jam

picture for fresh fruit jam

Fresh fruit jam is one of the best ways to add sweetness without using sugar. This can actually be considered a fresh fruit jam or spread, it is up to you.

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