Christian Life; A Life in Christ Full of Love

Picture of a Cali beach for the Christian life bible study

Living a Christian life is worth every struggle and hardship. Know that you are part of a Spiritual family that has an inheritance of eternal life; love it!

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True Worship – Pleasing God

Picture of sunset at the creek for the true worship bs

Is true worship of God merely attending church services regularly? Doing good, paying tithes and giving offerings? What does God say about true worship?

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Unanswered Prayers

picture for unanswered prayers

Unanswered prayers can be the result of many things. When we take a close look at the reasons given in the Bible one key element is sin.

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Spiritual Attitude – “I Can Do” is the Right Mindset

Picture of swimming pool w/palm trees for the spiritual attitude bs

Take on the spiritual attitude of Christ Jesus, act like Him, think and believe like Him. Whatever you are going through, by faith you can go through it.

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Joyful – Endure Your Life Tests and Remain Joyful at All Times

Photo of Hanawi Falls for the joyful Bible study

What does Count it all joy mean? Consider every test of faith a time to show pure joy and a chance to learn to be patient while suffering not giving up.

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Prosperity, 7 Simple Lessons On True Wealth God’s Way

Picture of a peaceful beach for the prosperity bible study

This study on Prosperity will give you a better understanding of prosperity from a Biblical perspective. Should Christians seek to become rich or wealthy?

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Understanding God’s Word – It Is the Best Life Coach

picture of burial site for the understanding god's word bs

Understanding God’s word helps us get to know God better. In order to know God better we must understand and live by His Word and Holy Spirit.

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Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God; It is Your Spiritual Birth

Picture of a colobus monkey for the born again bible study John 3:6

No one is born again or enters God’s kingdom without getting the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit). You must be born again; your eternal life depends on it.

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Receive Your Healing By Faith in the Name of Jesus

Picture of waterfalls at the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe'o for the receive your healing bible study

Receive your healing, is more than just a phrase it is similar to ‘rise up and walk’, Jesus and the Apostles gave the command and by faith it was done.

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God Will Forgive You, Now Don’t Worry Be Happy

Picture of lake in the park for the god will forgive you bs Luke 6:37

God forgives those that repent. It does not matter what you have done, He knows what is in your heart and understands your desire to live for Him.

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