Live in Harmony

picture for harmony - san francisco zoo

May the God Who gives the power of patient endurance, grant you to live in loving harmony with one another, as a united family in accord with Christ Jesus.

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Jealous or is it Envy; Does it Really Matter?

A jealous person is not happy with what they have. If they do not change their future is grim. Use self-control, Godly wisdom, and be happy with your life.

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Sedition in the Church; Is God Pleased with Division?

picture for sedition - bloodmoon 4-4-2015

It be wonderful if the body of Christ could drop sedition/division/dissension, be of one mind, have a common / united purpose and stand firm in the truth.

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The Comforter is the Holy Spirit of God; Your Helper Forever

Picture of sunny day for the comforter bible study

The Comforter calms you, lifts you up and gives support. Put your faith in The Comforter to remove worry and fear. Will you let The Comforter help you?

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Animosity – Get Rid of It

picture for animosity - alum rock park, san jose, ca

Animosity is violent hatred; active, intense hostility; open enmity. Get rid of hatred/enmity before it grows into animosity, a quality not pleasing to God.

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Endurance – You Can Go Through Whatever You Are Going Through

picture for endurance - inland empire

Whatever problems or circumstances you face, use endurance, go through it, hold on ’til the end of it. Do not complain or give up, endure and go through it.

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Personal Responsibility Alert, Did You Know You Are in God’s Spotlight?

Picture of whale watching excursion for the personal responsibility Bible study

Accepting personal responsibility for the things you do and say can be challenging, but it is for your good. You will be accountable to God for them.

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Greed – God’s Children Should Not Be Greedy, Are You?

Picture of resorts and hotels along Kahekili beach for the greed bible study Proverbs 30:15

Greed should not be part of the Christian character. God has promised His obedient children an inheritance that will last forever. Do not lose yours…

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Law to Grace; No Longer Under the Law But Under Grace

Picture of a great day at the beach for the law to grace bible study

Going from the Law to grace is not easy to understand. The Law was in place until Jesus came, now we are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

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Do Not Give Up Hope God is on Your Side You Can Make It!

Picture of a great beach day for the do not give up bs

Do not give up is a five-part Bible study created for those going through trying times. No matter how hard things are you can make it; God is with you.

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