Backbiting is Backstabbing and Does Not Show Love; Is That Christ-like?

Picture of a sunset in the canyon for the backbiting bible study

Backbiting is a destructive and damaging sin, don’t be a backbiter / backstabber, use self-control to take control of the things you say about others.

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Freedom from Sin and the Law; You Can Have Liberty Through Jesus

Picture of a park trail for the freedom bible study Romans 8:13

Why continue in sin after being set free? You can live free from sin through Christ. Exercise your freedom, but obey God’s word 1st and then governing laws.

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Testing – Pass the Faith Tests; Is Your Faith Being Tested?

picture for testing - dana point, ca

Is God testing your faith? Sometimes it seems that all hope is gone and you feel like giving up. Hold on, endure the testing of your faith and be blessed.

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Repentance – Required For Salvation

picture for repentance - field in san jose, ca

Jesus said “Those who are healthy have no need for a physician, but those who are sick do … I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

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Providence – God Knows What You Need

Picture of red flower for the providence bible study

The God of providence can give us anything we desire, but in His divine wisdom, He limits provisions to what is good for us. God will provide all you need.

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Joy from the Spirit; Now Make Heaven Your Hope

Picture of lake in echo park for the joy bible study John 16:22

Spiritual joy is a lasting joy, a joy based on Spiritual things and our promise of eternal life in heaven. Children of promise, find joy in the Lord.

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Your Words – Destructive or Beneficial

Picture of the Terrace Lagoon, San Diego Zoo for the your words bible study

Be mindful of what you say, make sure your words are beneficial to others and not destructive. A good person’s words will benefit and build-up many people.

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Spiritual Gifts – Gifts From God

picture for spiritual gifts - fairmont park, riverside, ca

If we could only learn to love each other and work together in unity as the body of Christ, using the Spiritual gifts from God to build the kingdom of God.

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Pride is Conceit and Arrogance; Be Humble and Give God Credit

Pride boasts about and takes credit for what one has, what one has done, how one looks and / or what one knows without acknowledging God as the source.

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Trust God; Grow Strong in the Lord and Learn to Depend on God

When you trust God, you can put your mind at rest, He will never abandon or forget you. God is faithful, gracious and merciful, never stop trusting Him.

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