Goodness from God – Are You Absolutely Good Without It?

picture of cloudy day for goodness

Does goodness from the Holy Spirit help you become a better good person? God is perfectly good. The Spirit’s goodness empowers us to be good like God.

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Really Celebrate Jesus; Learn How to Do it Right

picture of laguna beach for really celebrate jesus

Do you really celebrate Jesus on December 25? He said nothing about celebrating His birth. Jesus did tell us to take communion; honoring His death.

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Peace from God – Fruit of the Spirit

picture for peace - los gatos creek park

Peace from God’s Spirit is a result of your faith. Those born again have The Creator of all things living within. No other peace compares to this; does the thought of this bring you peace?

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Patience from God; Endure Life Troubles with Genuine Joy

picture for patience - sunset

Patience allows us to go through all things with genuine joy. It teaches us to wait on the Lord and not act or react too soon. Do you have Godly patience?

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Kindness – Be Kind – Fruit of the Spirit

picture for kindness

Kindness is goodwill. It is an act done gladly to ease the sorrows of people in need. Kind (Godly) people find joy in giving to supply the needs of others.

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Comfort From God the Source of All Good Comfort

picture of sunset at beach for the comfort from god bs

From Eden to Grace, God has comforted those willing to obey. One day the God of all comfort will bring endless ease and well-being to all who obey Him.

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Fruit of the Spirit – Can Others See God Through You?

picture for fruit of the spirit - lake evans, riverside, ca

The true fruit of the Spirit is unique. Jesus said “By the fruit of their lives you will know them”. Can others see the fruit of the Spirit in your life?

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Slander – An Act of Hate and Not of Love

picture for slander - early moon with palm trees

Slander is saying false, harmful and damaging things about another person intended to smear their character or status. Slander is an act of hate not love.

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Inheritance – Is Your Heritage Heaven?

picture for inheritance - beaumont, ca

Child of God, I take great pleasure in telling you that you are an heir of Jesus Christ, if you are obedient to God, you will get your eternal inheritance.

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To Love – Learn How To Love Like Jesus Loves

picture for to love - lake evans, riverside, ca

Learn to love others and the Lord with agapaō love, to love not only with words, but through actions and true caring. Love God because He loved us first.

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